• 2021-2022 Before and After School Care Providers

    UPDATE: BOTH Unleashing Potential and the YMCA are temporarily postponing their start up dates until mid September in anticipation of receiving the 21st Century After-school grant from the state of Missouri.  They intended to offer paid services but due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, low enrollment and staffing shortages, they must postpone.  No more than 6 participants were registered at any site.  

    While Ferguson-Florissant School District does not provide K-5 Before and After School services, we have entered into formal agreements with (2) Third-party vendors (Unleashing Potential and the Emerson YMCA) interested in utilizing our campuses to support families with their programs in the 2021-2022SY.  See below for the direct contacts, flyers, and websites of each organization. Neither vendor provides transportation therefore parents are responsible for pick up and or drop off.  Vendors provide insurance, state licensure, safety inspections, and background checks for their employees.  

    COVID-19 health and safety guidance will be followed by all providers. View their websites for more details.  


     Unleashing Potential  Unleashing Potential

    Direct Contact: Gloria Hampton, Director of After School Programming | ghampton@upstl.com | 314-561-3334

    Click Here for an electronic registration form 

    Click Here for flyers and fee schedule

    Cost: $100/week

    Unleashing Potential will charge nominal fees unless the Missouri 21st Century grant is approved in September.  A minimum of 16 students per site is required to continue offering services.  

    3-5 State License Approved



    Berkeley  (10)   M-F 3:30 to 6:00pm NO SERVICE PROVIDED at any of the sites at this time per low enrollment.  
    Griffith     (3)   M-F 3:30 to 6:00pm  
    COMBS** M-F 3:30 to 6:00pm  
    ROBINWOOD** M-F 3:30 to 6:00pm  

    **These sites will only attain licensing and offer service IF Unleashing Potential is awarded a Missouri 21st Century grant in September.  

     Gateway Region YMCA

    Direct Program Contact: Courtney Stevenson, Program Director | courtney.stevenson@gwrymca.org | 314-521-1822 ext 29

    Direct Contact for Financial Assistance: Alice Daugherty | alice.daughtery@gwrymca.org | 314-521-1822 ext 30 

    The YMCA will charge fees for their services and must have at least 15 students participating in order to continue services.  They have applied for a 21st Century grant and if approved, costs will decrease.  

    ClickHERE for Electronic Registration Form

    Click HERE  for a flyer 

    Click Here for Financial Aid application (Fill out, print, and submit to the Emerson YMCA)

    Bring (2) latest check stubs for placement on a sliding scale fee schedule

    Financial assistance available through YMCA or Missouri Division of Family Services

    *Offers FFSD staff discounts.  Please call for details*


     K-2 State License Approved



    Commons Lane  M-F, as early as 6:45am, as late as 6:00pm No service provided at any of the sites below per COVID-19, low enrollment, and lack of staffing. 
    Duchesne  M-F, as early as 6:45am, as late as 6:00pm  
    Parker Road  M-F, as early as 6:45am, as late as 6:00pm  
    Walnut Grove  M-F, as early as 6:45am, as late as 6:00pm  
    **BERMUDA  M-F, as early as 6:45am, as late as 6:00pm  

    **YMCA applied for a Missouri 21st Century grant.  If it is approved they will provide services for CL, DU, PR, and WG and OPEN registration at Bermuda.  If not approved, they will not provide services.   

    Serving K-2 students ONLY based on current state licensure



    FFSD Contact: Dr. Joycelyn Pugh-Walker | jpughwalker@fergflor.org   314-687-1950

    FFSD does not make recommendations for neighborhood Before and After school programs.  

    Updated: 8/20/2021