• Philosophy

    The Ferguson-Florissant School District believes that the school counselor program is an important and integral part of the overall educational process. Since students develop emotionally, socially, physically and educationally, the school counselor program must address the issue of total growth and development. Growth and learning are developmental; therefore, guidance must be developmental and sequential. The need for guidance begins with pre-school entrance and continues throughout life.

    The K-12 developmental program is concerned with all students while recognizing the fact that individuals have needs that will continue to require special attention. As a result, the comprehensive guidance program is for all students and becomes developmental rather than crisis-oriented.


    What do School Counselors Do?

    Elementary School Counselors assist students in learning the skills and attitudes necessary to be successful learners. They help students learn that the classroom is their first workplace and that communication, decision-making, interpersonal and career awareness skills are important to their success.

    Middle School Counselors work with students to address their career, personal, social, and educational needs and concerns. They provide students with expanded career awareness and career exploration activities to assist them in the development and utilization of short and long-range education and career plans.

    High School Counselors work with students in acquiring the knowledge to help form the foundation for their next steps both educationally and occupationally. They assist students in developing realistic education and career plans based on a clear understanding of themselves, their needs, interests, skills, and the realities and possibilities of the worlds of education and work.

Who Do I Contact?

  • Jennifer Lane
    School Counselor Coordinator
    (314) 824-2042 Phone
    (314) 506-9964 Fax