How to Check References

1. Locate the applicant in the [Applicant Manager]

2. Click on the [Blue Folder] to the far right of the name.

Blue Folder

3. Navigate to the [Reference] tab.

Reference Tabs

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the References section and click the [Add Check] button next to the reference name you want to add a reference for.


You can also click the checkboxes to the left of the names to send references to all references listed by email.  Next, you can click the [Add Check to Selected] button. 

Reference List

5.  You will be prompted with the option to add the check manually for them if you are doing it by phone or by email.

Reference Check

6 View the status and responses of the reference checks that have been sent out in the Reference Checks section.  You can also send reminders to the references by email with one click if they have not responded yet.

Reference Check Status List