Safe Schools Video Viewing Issues

Here are some general tips for safe school users experiencing some technical difficulties while viewing videos like freezing and blank pages: 


1. The system could have timed them out. If this is the case they will just need to refresh their computer (logging out and logging back in will have the same effect).


2. We require the most recent browser and Flash Player requirements. You can download the updated version of Flash Player for free at


3. They might just want to try taking the training on a different computer. This is the quickest fix for an issue not easily diagnosed on a home computer.


4. All our courses are not yet available on mobile devices (iPads, iPhones). We are working on converting all our courses, but at this time if someone is taking their training on a mobile device and receiving an error message, they should take their training on a desktop computer.


Also, feel free to call the safe schools customer service number at 800-434-0154.