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FFSD New Logo

As part of the District's rebranding effort, the Board of Education approved a new logo.  The original Ferguson-Florissant logo featured a crude airplane and wagon representing our community's historical role in aviation and its pioneering spirit.  Over time the logo evolved to become a stylized representation of the wheel and wing resulting in previous logo which had been confused by some with Boeing's logo.  The colors of the logo evolved from black and white through various shades of blue and teal.   Over the last several months stakeholders were asked to respond to a number of items related to the District's brand. These items included our perceived brand, website, logo, and colors.  Stakeholders were invited to submit suggestions or even their own drawings for consideration.  Stakeholders indicated a desire to be known for academic excellence exemplified by a community where reading is valued.  Also of importance was acknowledging that we are more than the cities of Ferguson and Florissant and include the nine municipalities we represent.  Stakeholders felt strongly about acknowledging our past but expressing a new direction for the future. While many new colors were suggested, many voted for a shade of blue similar to our recent Reflex Blue.  Many suggested an accent color to brighten our logo and reflect a brighter future.  Based on stakeholder feedback the District communications and marketing team with direction from Dr. Davis shared a list of required design elements with several graphic design professionals who are District alumni or stakeholders, and who were willing to donate their services.  The new logo is the result of a collaborative effort by Jeff Cook, Jeff LeFors, Genevieve McGraw, and Kevin Hampton.  The logo retains the stylized wheel and wing with four noticeable changes.  First is the open book. Reading is the foundation for a great education, or as Dr. Davis says, "Reading is the civil rights issue of the day."  Our reading emphasis is represented by the open book.  Second, the wing has become a rocket launching in a new direction, representing exploration and connecting to our STEAM initiative.  In a community that values reading, even the sky is no longer the limit.  Third, the nine stars represent the nine municipalities we serve.  Those municipalities include Berkeley, Calverton Park, Cool Valley, Dellwood, Ferguson, Florissant, Hazelwood, Kinloch, and Normandy.  Finally, the new blue, Strong Blue, is slightly brighter than the old Reflex Blue, and in cases where two colors can be used the stars are Dark Red.  Combined, these changes represent the innovation and transformation the District seeks while recognizing the strengths of our past.